NEK starts the registration process at Lands Commission in Ghana for several additional wind energy projects

After NEK had concluded land lease contracts with a duration of 30 years for its wind projects in Ghana some time ago, the process of registering these contracts with the Lands Commission has recently started, for which this development step has not yet taken place. This requires extensive field work to determine the exact coordinates of the leased land.

At the moment, several teams from the commissioned surveying office are working together with our community liaison teams and representatives of the respective owner families to pace the boundaries and to mark and register the corresponding fixed points. Due to the size of the leased areas, the field work takes a lot of time. We assume that the registration process for the current wind projects (Konikablo, Amlakpo, Madavunu, Koluedor and Togbloku) will be completed by March 2022.

NEK has been developing a wind energy pipeline of around 1,200 MW in Ghana for several years, which includes the Konikablo, Ayitepa, Madavunu, Togbloku, Amlakpo and Koluedor projects. With the implementation of these projects, the Government of Ghana can achieve, among other things, that it meets the target of at least 10% renewables by 2030 and avoids a major electricity shortage in the near future due to the steadily increasing demand for electricity in the country. With the implementation of these projects, it also helps to reduce the CO2 footprint and to contribute to the fight against global warming.

  • Published on November 17, 2021
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