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NEK establishes in Ghana Renewable Energy Platform called Anansi Green Energy Ltd.

NEK has established a new renewable energy platform in Ghana called Anansi Green Energy Ltd. The platform will be a new SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) with a number of specific partners. Anansi Green Energy is a captive industrial power generator that produces its own green energy sourced from NEK’s wind energy projects as well as other solar and possibly biomass projects involving other Ghanaian and international investors.

The cheap, home-made, sustainable and green energy will be sold directly to large industrial offtakers such as mining companies, the cement sector, steel manufacturers and other large industries with the aim of also exporting green energy to surrounding countries in the future. It is also expected that at least some of the green energy will be taken by the public sector with it being both cheaper than alternative thermal power generation and greener for the environment of the country.

Discussions with various Ghanaian stakeholders regarding a participation in the platform are ongoing.

Large industrial or energy funds, oil and gas trading companies, climate funds, investors and various development and commercial lenders from both Ghana and internationally will play a role in the financing of the entity.

The carbon savings resulting from this initiative will be enormous and the green certificates can be used to help Ghana meet its NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution) under the Paris Agreement. The carbon footprint of participating and off-taking companies in Ghana will improve significantly and Ghana can demonstrate its leadership in the fight against climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Picture: Philipp Hertzog

  • Published on February 14, 2024