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Prampram Wind Farm

The project development of the Wind Farm Prampram already started back in 1998, when the first meteorological masts were installed by our engineering company. While the project was initially planned as a 5 MW pilot project, it continually grew to 86 MW.

The project is located on the south coast of Ghana in the region of Greater Accra, about 30 km east of Accra. The project is split into a northern and a southern part.

The southern part is located on the shoreline and along the Dawhe River - west of the village of Prampram and east of the industrial area of Tema Port. The area is dominated by agricultural land and pasture. The soil consists of alluvial deposits from the river. An area of approximately 1.3 square kilometres, formerly used for salt production, has become available now and is also considered as potential area for turbine placement.

The northern part of the project is 3 – 5 km to the north of the village of Prampram. The area is exclusively used for agricultural purposes. It is plane, with elevations ranging from 10 to 20 m above sea level.

The Prampram Wind Farm will be constructed over a total area of approximately 3,000 acres. Due to its openness and relative flatness, this location offers good and steady wind conditions, simple road access, little environmental constraints and an easy grid access nearby at Dawhenyia.

Already in 2004, the Wind Farm Prampram received the Environmental Permit from the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Due to the lagging progress in the project development, this permit expired in the subsequent years. Also the District Assembly has once again expressed their “no objection”. The Provisional Generation and Wholesale Supply Licence form the Energy Commission of Ghana was received in February, 2014. Negotiation with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for a Power Purchase Agreement are ongoing.

The Prampram Wind Farm will, once completely commissioned, supply up to 200,000 MWh of clean, affordable and reliable electrical energy per year, which is produced locally, without need of any fuel or gas.

It is scheduled that construction of this project will commence in 2017.

More information about the Prampram Wind Farm can be found under www.upwindprampram.com (this website is under construction).


Location Prampram Wind Farm

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