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Wind Energy

What makes wind energy so special

Upwind International AG

Upwind International AG is an independent company with the purpose of planning and developing renewable energy projects, mainly wind parks, in different countries worldwide. 

The company was founded in 2011 and concentrates its activities in emerging economies, for the time being mainly Africa and Eastern Europe. 

Our projects are primarily planned, engineered, developed and managed by the engineering company NEK Umwelttechnik AG based in Switzerland, which has a long history of international experience in the renewable energy sector. 

In order to secure a professional and complete project development, we establish in each country, where our projects are located, specific project companies in which all the assets of each project are transferred and held. This model allows us to hand-over our projects to investors and / or operators in the most comprehensive way. 

It’s not our intention to further own or operate our projects once they have reached all required permits for their implementation. Therefore, we sell them at any specific time to interested third parties bringing along professional experience in the countries of our destination. 

Next to the pure project development, Upwind is also engaged in social activities in the respective countries, being aware of the necessity that project development in emerging economies always is linked to socio-economic activities. The population needs access to electricity and clean water, requires education, promotion and employment opportunities, improvement of health infrastructure and environment quality as well as community trust. All our activities are therefore undertaken in a spirit of cooperation, partnership and respect for local traditions, embedding the people in the areas of our projects.