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Ayitepa Wind Farm

Up to 225 MW

Wind Energy - Clean Choice

Project Page:

While our engineering company started first wind measurements in the region of Greater Accra back in 1998, we initiated the development of the Ayitepa Wind Farm in 2012. Construction will start soon, meaning that first wind turbines will deliver energy to the grid in 2024/2025.

The project site is located in a very sparsely populated area in the Ningo-Prampram District, around 50 - 60 km east of Accra, between the Accra-Aflao-Road in the north and the Gulf of Guinea in the south. The Ayitepa Wind Farm will be constructed over an area of approximately 15,000 acres. Due to its openness and relative flatness, this location offers good and steady wind conditions, simple road access, very little environmental constraints and an easy grid access nearby. 

The following permits for the implementation of this project were received so far (status as per May 2023): 

  • Provisional Generation and Wholesale Supply Licence from the Energy Commission
  • No objection from the District Assembly Ningo-Prampram 
  • The Final Environmental Permit from the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 
  • Siting Permit from the Energy Commission 
  • The Final Construction Work Permit from the District Assembly 
  • The Siting Clearance from the Energy Commission 
  • Grid Connection Agreement regarding access to the new 330 kV WAPP line for 225 MW of clean and locally produced power signed with GRIDCo
  • The Final Construction Permit from the Energy Commission for 225 MW wind power 
  • Signed PPA with the Electricity Company of Ghana for 20 years and 225 MW in phases (150 + 75 MW)
  • Airspace Safety Permit from the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
  • Land Lease Agreement with the Government of Ghana regarding the state vested portion of the project area.

Based on the Renewable Energy Act, 2011 (Act 832), Upwind Ayitepa Ltd., our fully owned project company (SPV) in Ghana, will hopefully finalize the last outstanding documents (the required form of a Government Agreement backing the PPA) in the near future. 

The Ayitepa Wind Farm will, once completely commissioned, have a capacity of 225 MW and will supply around 700,000 MWh of clean, affordable and reliable electricity per year, which is produced locally, without need of fuel or gas. 

It is scheduled that construction of the first phase of this project will commence early in 2019.

We expect that the 225 MW wind project will reach financial close bythe end of 2023, so that Lekela Power, who will construct and operate the wind farm, can subsequently start construction.

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