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Boundary Demarcation for Wind Farm Ayitepa has started

Some weeks ago, the boundary demarcation work for the 225 MW Wind Farm Ayitepa has started with the aim of setting out the project perimeter in the field so it is clearly marked and visible. Furthermore, the boundary demarcation will bring clarity in the rather complex land ownership situation at the project site and help mediate existing disputes.

After marking a point with GPS in the field together with representatives of the Ningo Traditional Council and the different clans, concrete pillars are installed by local workers and issued with the corresponding project markings. Before this is done, the representatives of the clans are consulted in order to ensure that the individual markers are in line with the mutually agreed land boundaries and any grievances are recorded and mediated. With this approach, it is ensured that the extent of the project area is well understood by all involved parties and stakeholders and that there is no disruption of activities once the Wind Farm is being constructed. During this exercise, also local livelihood data is gathered on site, which will make sure that our Community Engagement and Livelihood Restoration Program is fine tuned to the needs of the local people. 

So far the work is making good progress and approximately half of the outer project perimeter has already been demarcated. We will keep you updated on the further progress of this interesting and important work. 

Below, you can find some pictures taken during the work.



  • Published on October 05, 2016